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A dataset of over one thousand computed tomography scans of battery cells

posted on 2024-03-15, 19:47 authored by Amariah Condon, Bailey Buscarino, Eric Moch, William J. Sehnert, Owen Miles, Patrick HerringPatrick Herring, Peter M. Attia

1015 commercially available batteries were scanned using a X-ray computed tomography system. These scans were processed into a set of images that capture the major axes of the battery. For cylindrical cells, these are radial and axial views of the battery. For pouch and prismatic cells, these are x-y, x-z, and y-z views of the battery.

This dataset is available under a CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 license.

  • 500 2170 cylindrical cells (114GB)
  • 400 18650 cylindrical cells (85GB)
  • 50 18650 sodium-ion cylindrical cells (10.4GB)
  • 25 2170 high-energy density cylindrical cells (5.8GB)
  • 25 4680 cells (4.4GB)
  • 10 Pouch cells (2.0GB)
  • 5 Prismatic cells (2.2GB)

For additional details about this dataset, including the directory structure of the dataset and details of our methods, see our data paper "A dataset of over one thousand computed tomography scans of battery cells" at


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