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ChinaExtreDroEventSet (v1.0): Extreme meteorological drought events over China (1951-2022)

posted on 2024-04-02, 15:09 authored by Zhenchen LiuZhenchen Liu, wen zhou

The Dataset and Event list prefixed with ChinaExtreDroEventSet(v1.0)_ are the supplement files of the manuscript entitled “Extreme Meteorological Droughts over China (1951—2022): event detection, migration pattern, and diversity of temperature extremes”. The manuscript has been submitted to Advanced in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS) for the second-round review.

(1) Dataset

ChinaExtreDroEventSet(v1.0) contains data files of Extreme Meteorological Droughts over China (1951—2022).

The first-level file name (e.g., Dro-06_P0_m1p0_40pts) consists of a drought event order (e.g., Dro-06), patch code (e.g., P0), parameter configuration for event detection (e.g., m1p0_40pts). Regarding patch code, P0 means the unique patch representing the drought event, while Pi (i=1,2,.., N) are separated patches belonged to a complete drought event. Regarding parameter configuration for event detection, (e.g., m1p0_40pts). The string m1p0 represents that the input 3D discrete gridded dataset for the DBSCAN algorithm, with SPAI less than −1.0. The string 40pts, one significant parameter (i.e., min_samples) of the DBSCAN algorithm (Ester et al., 1996), is the number of sample points within a given search distance. Details are provided in Liu et al. (2023, AOSL).

Regarding the specific files of each drought event, the formats and meanings are identical to those in the Glo3DHydroClimEventSet(v1.0) database (Liu and Zhou, 2023).

(2) Event List

The ChinaExtreDroEventSet(v1.0)_02_EventList_AAS_LiuZhou2024_20240330.docx list metrics and ranks of all drought events, as part of the manuscript.


the National Key R&D Program of China (grant number 2022YFC3002801)

the National Natural Science Foundation of China for Youth (grant number 42205191)

the National Key Scientific and Technological Infrastructure project “Earth System Numerical Simulation Facility” (EarthLab)


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Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences & Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, Fudan University

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