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Data on craniofacial diversity in Arctic charr from Lake Thingvallavatn Iceland

posted on 2024-03-03, 20:26 authored by Arnar PalssonArnar Palsson, Guðbjörg Ósk JónsdóttirGuðbjörg Ósk Jónsdóttir, Sarah Steele

The dataset are images of arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus), taken from lateral view of the whole fish, and four series of head and craniofacial bones from every individual. The series are called.

EXT: external series - one picture per individual (few fish missing, 208 pictures total)

OPE: for opercular bone series - one picture per individual (all, 240 total)

MAX: for maxilla bones - two pictures per individual (all, 480 total)

DEN: for dentary bones - 2 or 3 pictures per individual (all, 698 total)

MED: for medial bones - 2 or 3 pictures per individual (all, 706 total)

Total 2332 figure files.

For each series two Readme files are provided. One is plain text with no pictures. The PDF readme versions has text accompanied by pictures of bones, which improves the interpretation of the anatomical descriptions. The text explains better the names of every bone and the layout, and versioning for the same individual. For three of the series 2 or 3 pictures are deposited for each individual as one or more bones where photographed from 2 or 3 angles/sides.

Total 10 readme files (2 for each image series).

In total 2342 files.

This dataset supports the preprint: Diversity in the internal functional feeding elements of sympatric morphs of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus).bioRxiv 2023.02.17.528955; doi:


University of Iceland, Institute of Life- and Environmental Science.


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