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Dataset for Deep Imaging Inside Scattering Media Through Virtual Spatiotemporal Wavefront Shaping - Hyperspectral Reflection Matrices of Dense Colloid Nanoparticle Sample

Version 2 2023-08-18, 15:03
Version 1 2023-03-02, 01:15
posted on 2023-08-18, 15:03 authored by Yiwen ZhangYiwen Zhang, Minh Dinh, Zeyu Wang, Tianhao Zhang, Tianhang Chen, Chia Wei Hsu

This dataset includes the experimental hyperspectral reflection matrices (complex-valued) more than 1 millimeter deep inside a dense TiO2 nanoparticle colloid, with which one can reconstruct high-resolution deep volumetric images of the sample using scattering matrix tomography (SMT).

The SMT reconstruction code and more information can be found on GitHub.


CAREER: Nonlocal Metasurfaces with All-Angle Control of Light

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University of Southern California

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C.W.H, Z.W., Y.Z., and M.D. are inventors of US patent applications 17/972,073 and 63/472,900 titled “Multi-spectral scattering-matrix tomography” filed by the University of Southern California.