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Deep neural network feature maps

posted on 2022-11-09, 23:37 authored by Alessandro GiffordAlessandro Gifford

Feature maps summary

Here we release the PCA-downsampled deep neural network (DNN) feature maps used in the data resource paper: "A large and rich EEG dataset for modeling human visual object recognition". We used four DNN architectures (AlexNet, ResNet-50, CORnet-S, MoCo), and extracted their feature map responses to images coming from the THINGS database and from the ILSVRC-2012 challenge.

Additional information

For additional information on the DNNs used, the stimuli images and feature maps extraction procedure please refer to our paper and code.

Additional data and resources

For additional data and resources visit our OSF project, where you can find:

  • The stimuli images
  • A detailed descriptions of the DNN feature maps data files


If you use any of our data, please cite our paper.


Cracking the neural code of human object vision

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