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Full scale, microscopically resolved tomographies of sandstone and carbonate rocks augmented by experimental porosity and permeability values

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posted on 2022-11-17, 21:43 authored by Matheus Esteves FerreiraMatheus Esteves Ferreira, Mariana Del Grande, Rodrigo Neumann Barros Ferreira, Ademir Ferreira da Silva, Marcio Nogueira Pereira da Silva, jaione tirapu azpirozjaione tirapu azpiroz, Everton Lucas de Oliveira, Arthur Gustavo de Araujo Ferreira, Renato Soares, Christian B. Eckardt, Tito J. Bonagamba, Mathias Steiner

About the Data

We report a dataset containing full-scale, three-dimensional images of rock plugs for application in digital rock and capillary network analysis. Specifically, we have acquired microscopically resolved tomography datasets of 18 cylindrical sandstone and carbonate rock samples having lengths of 25.4 mm and diameters of 9.5 mm, respectively. The rock plug samples measured in this work have porosity and permeability values ranging from 8% to 30% and 0.4 mD to above 5D, respectively. 

Dataset Structure

Researchers interested in using this dataset will find five different volume types and formats for each sample. The suffix inside the parenthesis designates the naming scheme used for the dataset files:

  • Full Frame (_grayscale_full): Data obtained from the reconstruction of the µCT projections. During reconstruction, the volume edges are removed but the largest inscribed parallelepiped within the plug is retained, thus leading to different sized parallelepipeds.
  • Standard (_grayscale_standard): Volume cropped into a standard size of 2500x2500x7500 voxels.
  • Cropped cubes (_grayscale_ROI-X) : 2500x2500x2500 voxel cubes extracted from the standard volume. The X designates the number of the cube, with values ranging from 1 to 3, cut top-down from the parallelepiped. 
  • Filtered cubes (_grayscale_filtered_ROI-X): Data obtained from the grayscale cubes through the application of contrast enhancement and noise reduction filters. The X designates the number of the cube, with values ranging from 1 to 3, cut top-down from the parallelepiped. 
  • Binarized cubes (_binary_ROI-X): Binary image data obtained from the filtered grayscale cubes. Each grayscale cube was segmented at threshold level calculated using the Multi-Otsu algorithm with a number of classes set to three. The X designates the number of the cube, with values ranging from 1 to 3, cut top-down from the parallelepiped. 

Alongside the volumes described above, the following supporting information is also provided:

  • HDR file: File containing the cube size information for each sample.

File Naming

The Dataset_Structure.xlsx file contains the file naming scheme for each file type of each sample.

After extracting the compressed files from the original .tar.bz2 formats, the filename may change. Please refer to the table in case there is any problems identifying the files. 

Further Information

For further information on the methods used in this work, please check our related research paper at: https://arxiv.org/abs/2212.09894


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IBM Research; São Carlos Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo; Solintec Consultoria e Serviços de Geologia, Ltda

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