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"Mapping information-rich genotype-phenotype landscapes with genome-scale Perturb-seq" Replogle et al. 2022 - commonly requested supplemental files

posted on 2022-11-29, 01:57 authored by Joseph ReplogleJoseph Replogle, Jonathan Weissman

Commonly requested supplemental files supporting the publication:  

Mapping information-rich genotype-phenotype landscapes with genome-scale Perturb-seq, Replogle, Joseph M. et al. Cell, Volume 185, Issue 14, 2559 - 2575.e28

1) All Anderson-Darling p-values for differential expression analysis

2) Embedding coordinates for Figure 2D

3) Downloadable interactive scatter plot of Fig. 2D

4) Z-normalized expression data used to make Figs. 2 and 4, annotated with the cluster identities from Supplementary Table 3

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DARPA HR0011-19-2-0007

Center for Genomic Editing and Recording: Development and Application of Next-Generation Genome and Epigenome Editing Methods to Advance the Study and Treatment of Human Disease

National Human Genome Research Institute

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The role of TMA7 in mitochondrial dysfunction

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

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Predictive engineering of cellular transcriptional state

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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Cancer Center Support Grant

National Cancer Institute

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University of California, San Francisco; Whitehead Institute

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