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Publication figures and notebooks to recreate the figures of the paper 'Disruption of awake sharp-wave ripples have no effect on the immediate behaviour nor create short-lasting memories'.

posted on 2024-04-09, 19:24 authored by Lies DeceuninckLies Deceuninck, Fabian Kloosterman

This project investigates the contribution of awake sharp-wave ripples (aswrs) to short-term memory (stm) using closed-loop electrical disruption of aswrs. For all the details about the behavioural tasks and method of recording we refer to our paper. This item contains all the figures and python notebooks *ipynb to recreate the figures of the publication.

1 Install the required python tools

For running the code the creates the figures you need several packages that are not standard included in Python. Therefore we recommand creating a specific a conda environment the has all our python tools installed. You can find all our python code here. Follow the instructions under '1 Setup a conda environment' to install all the required tools.

2 Create the publication figures

If you've successfully installed your conda environment you are ready to create the figures from the paper.

1 Download the Jupiter notebooks (*.ipynb) and put them in a folder named 'Project_ASWR/figures'.

2 Download also the figure layouts folder, unpackaged it and add the content to a 'Project_ASWR/figures/figure_panels_layouts' folder.

3 In terminal navigate to the figures folder and launch the notebooks. Make sure you have the correct condo environment active.

`cd path/to/Project_ASWR/figures`

`jupyter notebook`

4.Open the notebook for the figure you want to recreate and run the 'load data and modules' cells at the top of the notebook. Now you can scroll to the figure panel you want to recreate and run the cells specifically for that panel.

There are four notebooks corresponding to the four main figures and their supplementary figure(s).

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