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Source Code for "Low-coverage whole genome sequencing for a highly selective cohort of severe COVID-19 patients"

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Version 6 2024-05-13, 21:54
Version 5 2024-05-06, 21:27
Version 4 2023-09-12, 20:09
Version 3 2023-02-21, 23:25
Version 2 2022-12-16, 21:00
Version 1 2022-12-16, 03:13
posted on 2024-05-13, 21:54 authored by Renato SantosRenato Santos, Manuel CorpasManuel Corpas

This dataset contains the bash and python scripts, and ancilliary files, used to perform low-coverage imputation, concordance validation, and principal component analysis, of the validation IBS (Iberian Populations in Spain) genome, and the severe COVID-19 low-coverage whole genome sequence samples.

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University of Westminster; Imperial College London

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