I'm a PhD student doing research in cognitive computational neuroscience at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany. I am part of the Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition Lab, led by Radek Cichy. My research aims at understanding how vision is algorithmically solved in (biological/artificial) intelligent agents, but foremost in the human brain. For this I combine brain imaging data (M/EEG, fMRI) with machine learning and deep learning algorithms to develop new computational modeling tools that advance our theoretical understanding of the computations underlying intelligent systems. More broadly, I am interested in the symbiotic interaction between neuroscience and computer science, and I push for open science. For more information on me and my scientific research, please visit my personal website (


  • A large and rich EEG dataset for modeling human visual object recognition
  • The Algonauts Project 2023 Challenge: How the Human Brain Makes Sense of Natural Scenes
  • BOLD Moments: modeling short visual events through a video fMRI dataset and metadata

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