Luis Felipe Giraldo

Associate Professor (Engineering)


Associate professor at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. More information about our research can be found here: .


  • Distributed formation control of mobile robots using discrete-time distributed population dynamics
  • Resilient Structural Sparsity in the Design of Consensus Networks
  • Failure signature classification in solar photovoltaic plants using RGB images and convolutional neural networks
  • Developing a Collaborative System Dynamics Model of College Drinking Events:
  • Dynamics of Cooperation in a Task Completion Social Dilemma
  • Machine Learning for Site-adaptation and Solar Radiation Forecasting
  • Distributed Reconfiguration for Resilient Synchronization of Multi-agent Systems
  • Trajectory design for efficient crop irrigation with a UAV
  • Structural sparsity for active control design in civil engineering
  • Feedback Control Engineering for Cooperative Community Development: Tools for Financial Management Advice for Low-Income Individuals
  • A System Dynamic Model of Drinking Events: Multi-Level Ecological Approach
  • A Clustering Approach for Domestic Smart Metering Data Preprocessing
  • Discrete-Time Distributed Population Dynamics for Optimization and Control
  • A Multi-Critic Reinforcement Learning Method: An Application to Multi-Tank Water Systems
  • Model Predictive Control and Structural Sparsity
  • Solar irradiance forecasting models without on-site training measurements
  • Dynamics of Metabolism and Decision Making During Alcohol Consumption: Modeling and Analysis
  • Foraging theory for dimensionality reduction of clustered data
  • Dynamic Task Performance, Cohesion, and Communications in Human Groups
  • Modeling and Analysis of Group Dynamics in Alcohol-Consumption Environments
  • Deep Learning-Based Portable Device for Audio Distress Signal Recognition in Urban Areas
  • Structural Sparsity in Networked Control Systems
  • Donation Networks in Underprivileged Communities
  • Dynamics of a Differential Wheeled Robot: Control and Trajectory Error Bound
  • Structural sparsity in control design of active and semi‐active systems
  • Machine learning for manually-measured water quality prediction in fish farming
  • You Make Me Tremble: A First Look at Attacks Against Structural Control Systems
  • Prediction of Site-Specific Solar Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance from Two Input Variables in Colombia
  • Variations of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations for Community Development
  • Open-source low-cost design of a buoy for remote water quality monitoring in fish farming
  • Machine learning in photovoltaic systems: A review
  • Information Optimization and Transferable State Abstractions in Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • The impact of climate change on photovoltaic power potential in Southwestern Colombia
  • An interactive tool for visualization and prediction of solar radiation and photovoltaic generation in Colombia
  • Cholec80-CVS: An open dataset with an evaluation of Strasberg’s critical view of safety for AI
  • Rotating Savings and Credit Associations: A Scoping Review
  • Rotating savings and credit associations: A scoping review
  • Climate change impact on photovoltaic power potential in South America

Luis Felipe Giraldo's public data