• Finite-difference method Stokes solver (FDMSS) for 3D pore geometries: Software development, validation and case studies
  • Behavior of numerical error in pore-scale lattice Boltzmann simulations with simple bounce-back rule: Analysis and highly accurate extrapolation
  • Comment on “A periodic grain consolidation model of porous media” [Phys. Fluids A 1, 38 (1989)]
  • Supplementary data to the article: Impact of fracture geometry and topology on the connectivity and flow properties of stochastic fracture networks
  • Percolation properties of stochastic fracture networks in 2D and outcrop fracture maps
  • Three-dimensional simulation of tracer transport dynamics in formations with high-permeability channels or fractures: Estimation of oil saturation
  • Correlation analysis of fracture intensity descriptors with different dimensionality in a geomechanics-constrained 3D fracture network
  • 3D simulation of active-passive tracer dispersion in polygonal fractured geometries
  • Impact of Fracture Geometry and Topology on the Connectivity and Flow Properties of Stochastic Fracture Networks
  • Fault Traces: Generation of Fault Segments and Estimation of Their Fractal Dimension
  • Geometrical and topological measures for hydrodynamic dispersion in confined sphere packings at low column-to-particle diameter ratios
  • Validation of pore-scale simulations of hydrodynamic dispersion in random sphere packings
  • A free software for pore-scale modelling: solving Stokes equation for velocity fields and permeability values in 3D pore geometries
  • Computational investigation of longitudinal diffusion, eddy dispersion, and trans-particle mass transfer in bulk, random packings of core–shell particles with varied shell thickness and shell diffusion coefficient
  • Coarse- and fine-grid numerical behavior of MRT/TRT lattice-Boltzmann schemes in regular and random sphere packings
  • Impact of microstructure on the effective diffusivity in random packings of hard spheres
  • Longitudinal and transverse dispersion in flow through random packings of spheres: A quantitative comparison of experiments, simulations, and models
  • Comparison of first and second generation analytical silica monoliths by pore-scale simulations of eddy dispersion in the bulk region
  • Pore-size entropy of random hard-sphere packings
  • From random sphere packings to regular pillar arrays: Analysis of transverse dispersion
  • From random sphere packings to regular pillar arrays: Effect of the macroscopic confinement on hydrodynamic dispersion
  • Impact of conduit geometry and bed porosity on flow and dispersion in noncylindrical sphere packings
  • Influence of the particle size distribution on hydraulic permeability and eddy dispersion in bulk packings
  • Pore-scale dispersion in electrokinetic flow through a random sphere packing
  • Statistical analysis of packed beds, the origin of short-range disorder, and its impact on eddy dispersion
  • Structure-transport analysis for particulate packings in trapezoidal microchip separation channels
  • Structure-transport correlation for the diffusive tortuosity of bulk, monodisperse, random sphere packings
  • Time and length scales of eddy dispersion in chromatographic beds
  • Transient and asymptotic dispersion in confined sphere packings with cylindrical and non-cylindrical conduit geometries
  • Large-Scale Simulation of Flow and Transport in Reconstructed HPLC-Microchip Packings
  • HatchFrac: A fast open-source DFN modeling software
  • HATCHFRAC: A fast open-source DFN modeling software
  • Fracture sealing and its impact on the percolation of subsurface fracture networks
  • Correct estimation of permeability using experiment and simulation
  • Supplementary data to the article: Fracture sealing and its impact on percolation in the subsurface fracture networks: a simulation study.
  • High-definition simulation of packed-bed liquid chromatography

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