Yiwen Zhang


  • Momentum-space imaging spectroscopy for the study of nanophotonic materials
  • Polarization dependent plasmonic modes in elliptical graphene disk arrays
  • Observation of optical states below the light cone with compound lattices
  • Observing vortex polarization singularities at optical band degeneracies
  • Phase characterisation of metalenses
  • Observation of Polarization Vortices in Momentum Space
  • Reconfigurable lateral optical force achieved by selectively exciting plasmonic dark modes near Fano resonance
  • Dynamical Tuning of Graphene Plasmonic Resonances byUltraviolet Illuminations
  • Photoluminescence enhancement and ultrafast relaxation dynamics in a low-dimensional heterostructure: effect of plasmon-exciton coupling
  • Generating optical vortex beams by momentum-space polarization vortices centred at bound states in the continuum
  • Manipulating bandwidth of light absorption at critical coupling: An example of graphene integrated with dielectric photonic structure
  • Circularly Polarized States Spawning from Bound States in the Continuum
  • 10-Gb/s All-Fiber Beamforming LiFi System via Mode-Coupling Control
  • Momentum Space Controlled Flexible Spatial Light Modulator for Optical Wireless Communication

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